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Winner of Medical Terminology Spelling Bee: Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Winner of Medical Terminology Spelling Bee: Dragon NaturallySpeaking

I confess I fancy myself to be a rather awesome speller and fast typist, both of which have come in handy during a long litigation career.

But if I were competing in a medical terminology spelling bee against Dragon NaturallySpeaking (hereinafter “Dragon” for you legal folks), inexpensive voice recognition software you can easily load onto your computer and most mobile devices, I would happily lose.

That’s right. Happily. Lose.

Dragon recognizes most medical terms (often even when I mangle them and/or trip over my tongue) as soon as I speak them. They instantaneously appear on the page, much faster than I can type them. If Dragon does not recognize a term you dictated, it only takes a few seconds to train it to recognize that word when you say it the next time.

Dragon makes writing anything related to medical conditions, including narratives, chronologies, and deposition summaries, much more efficient – even if you think you or your support staffers keyboard faster than most people.

Worried that it will take too long to “train” it to accept your every day dictation, much less medical terminology? It only takes a few minutes to set it up and read a short paragraph, and then you are ready to go. Even as soft-spoken as I am (and with a very inexpensive headset), Dragon seems to effortlessly recognize multi-syllabic medical terms. It is as smart as that fictional medical genius, Dr. Gregory House, only nicer.

In a busy complex injury litigation practice, Dragon is an invaluable tool to increase productivity and decrease overhead. This is one time that it feels great not to win the spelling bee.

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