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Wipe Out

Wipe Out

It’s Saturday night, and I just got home from a long day at our local pediatric hospital, where The Teen has been hospitalized since about midnight last Sunday night with a particularly vicious Sickle Cell crisis. It’s been a long week, personally and professionally.

I didn’t much care about clothes this week, although with the help of the wonderfully supportive Absent-Minded Professor, we have traded hospital shifts and been able to get some work done at both our jobs. After a year of style-blogging, I think I managed not to look like the Walking Dead at work, with the help of bright scarves, easy accessories, and my new obsession, cropped ankle pants. I even tried to put on lipstick.

It was really important to me to celebrate Colorado paralegal Robin’s upcoming wedding. She’s one of my friends and fave style bloggers at Frannie Pantz, and invited her reader buddies to participate virtually in her Bachelorette Party. So at almost midnight last night, in the low light of my bedroom, after just getting home from the hospital, I was able to snap one un-blurry photo of my thrown together outfit for her party. I took a page from my friend Ally’s book, and brought out the vintage green sequined tank I wondered why I bought and if it would ever see the light of day. Hell, just wear the damn thing and have fun, right?

Who let the dogs out? No one. The dog just wants out.
Vintage green sequin top ~ thrifted $6 (wow, I can’t believe no one wanted this, huh? Look for it at future holiday parties everywhere :P)
J. Crew ankle pants ~ on sale factory store (I confess I wore these twice this week, had them on that day already, and have totally drunk the J. Crew Koolaid)
XAppeal Zeena wedges ~ Rack Room
Rhinestone bracelets ~ Jada’s Jewels

If you don’t see me for a while, I’m working through a phase, not the easiest phase of my life. I’ve had so many people call me “Super Paralegal” and the “Paralegal’s Paralegal” – but have honestly felt like a fraud for much of this year. I want to discuss in a future post what many long time paralegals generally feel during parts of their careers: burnout. Of course, there are high years in a career – and low ones. I’ve always gotten through the low ones, and can tell you exactly what years they were and what caused them. I know what’s caused this one, and am struggling to turn it around.

Oh, and on the personal side, there are so many people who tell me they admire the grace and how I handle being a mom of a child with a serious chronic illness. Well, I could tell you some stories from every long hospitalization we’ve had where I’ve felt like the worst mom on the planet. And I can say with absolute utter conviction that The Absent-Minded Professor is a better mom than me. From a logical standpoint,  I can acknowledge that extreme anxiety and utter exhaustion will fell the strongest of people like a tall tree in a hurricane. I worry so much for The Teen who has to live with this incurable and exquisitely painful disease, about her future, her happiness, her care.

A fave pic of The Teen and StepTeen in 2008, with the smiling Corginator

So, that’s where I am right now. Struggling a bit personally and professionally, but still kind of gleeful about my vintage sequined top, so there’s hope for a light at the end of the tunnel yet.

If you’re a blogger/reader buddy, and want to friend me on Facebook, I keep The Teen updates there. We’re in the only room in the hospital with an erratic WiFi signal, so updates are only once a day.

24 Responses to Wipe Out

  1. Oh, hon. *hug* I'm so sorry to hear about your awful week. My best vibes to you and the fam.

    On the plus side, hell YEAH for the green sequinned tank! Love it!

    Take care, Lynne, will be thinking of you.

  2. Oh, I just want to give you a hug and then a flute of champagne to wear with that top for Frannie's bachelorette party. I've wondered about you and I can tell from the length of the hospitalization that this a more serious flare-up than the past ones I've known about. And did the absent-minded professor start school this week? The week has to have been the perfect storm and you should be very, very forgiving of yourself.

  3. Aww, Lynne. I've really been missing you all week! Really really! I know things are rough right now, but just keep working through them. I'm glad you came home and did a little something to make you feel good, but also to connect with your blogger buds.

    It's never fun to see your kid in pain, but you do the best job you possibly can. I think if you didn't feel anxiety and sadness and frustration – you wouldn't be the awesome Mom you are.

    You can even give me a run for my money with the amount of energy and stamina you have. So hon, you rest when you need it dammit. And throw on that sparkly green tank to perk you up! I bet it would look fantastic under a navy blazer fwiw.

  4. Might I recommend that this green sequinned top become a uniform for you in the days to come? My heart goes out to The Teen – and to you and the Professor. You do what you have to do and I hope that knowing you have such a committed blogging community behind you will give you a place to run to for such necessities as posing in green sequin tops. Hugs!!! Don't forget to breathe. Thinking of you.

  5. Lynne, I was wondering where you were. I am so sorry you are struggling, on both levels. I guess the work stuff will sort itself out, as you say it has done before, but being sad and anxious about your daughter's ongoing condition – well, I realise that isn't likely to change. But I am sure you DO handle it with grace, even if it doesn't feel like it from the inside. Between you and The AMP, your beautiful girl has so much love and support.
    And that is a such a fabulous photo of her, Stepteen and your cute dog!
    Beautiful sparkly green tops can be therapeutic. You manage not to look exhausted at all, you look gorgeous!
    Much love and good vibes from over here in the UK. xxxxxx

  6. Oh Lynne, I'm sorry to hear the Teen has been sick with another crisis. I had noticed your blog was quiet but was hoping you were just busy. Sending you and your family good thoughts and strength. Kudos for getting out the sequins. Wear them every day if you need to (although, they are quite scratchy, aren't they?).

    With burnout, I hear you. I had a mini version of this earlier this year and last and with some changes (diff department, altering my behaviour etc, just what worked for me), I turned it around. It feels shocking to compare how I feel about work now than just a few months ago.

  7. There is nothing more difficult than watching a loved one suffer and I am inspired by you and admire you during this medical crisis. For example, throwing on a 'healing' vintage green sequin tank at the end of a difficult day and continuing to allow your sense of humor to prevail. The role of caregiver is complex and not an easy journey. As you state, 'extreme anxiety and utter exhaustion' takes its toll. I'm hoping that your beautiful daughter will recover soon and that your life will regain a sense of calm, personally and professionally. Even though you may not feel it today, your spirit is radiant and clearly visible.

  8. Continued thoughts and well wishes going your way! I can't imagine how hard it is. I love the sparkle shirt you wore to help perk up just a bit – you have to take care of you and that was a great way to do it.

  9. Oh Lynne. I tried to I inadequately express to you via Facebook how truly sorry that I am that you and the teen have to go through such a rough time. You AREan inspiration as a mother and a paralegal. We all have times where we get burnt out on both of those fronts and feel like we aren't doing our jobs (mother and career) to the tip top best but you are there for your daughter, your family and your job and sometimes that's the best you can do. You'll all pull through and again if you need ANYTHING that I can do from here please let me know. I'm sending you both strength and love.

    On a completely superficial and selfish note, it means so much to me that you participated and even more so with everything going on. I wore sequins too! I'll be posting the e-party later today. I looooove your green sequined top so much.

    I am so glad that I met you through blogging Lynne. You are a wonderful woman and I truly hope to stay in touch and mayhaps even meet in person one day. Much love girly! Stay strong!

  10. So very sorry to hear about your family's struggles and hospital visits. Good thing you all have each other and nobody has to go through any of it alone.
    More strength and peace to you and your family this week!

  11. Oh, I hope life slows down a bit for you and The Teen is feeling better this week.

    Love your sequin tank! It's the perfect piece to brighten up your day.

  12. Awww, Lynne, I'm so sorry you're going through these personal and professional difficulties. A brighter day will shine upon you and your spirit will be lifted.
    I'm glad you pulled out the green sequined top. It is spectacular…just like you.

  13. Aww Lynne, I'm really sorry to hear about The Teen and your personal and professional exhaustion. As a medical professional I truly understand both sides.
    I'm sending positive thoughts your way hoping you and yours will get through this.
    BTW, that's an awesome top!

  14. Dear Lynne, further to my facebook note, I'm keeping The Teen, you, the Absent-Minded Professor, and your family in my thoughts. I know how gruelling hospital stays tend to be, and that unfortunate thing about life not stopping in the meantime, darn it! You have my utmost respect for getting through this week at all, and on top of that still walking, talking, not only making sense but developing perspective, AND looking smashing in green sequins. xo

  15. How on EARTH you managed to look so completely and utterly fabulous when you're going through sheer hell over the health and well-being of your beautiful daughter, I'll never know. You are magical Lynne. And it just so happens that the outfit you're wearing is MY BEST EVER FAVOURITE OUTFIT ON YOU!!! Sorry for shouting, you probably could do with a hot, deep, fragrant bath and a massage right now, but you look glorious!! The colour of the sequinned top is exquisite on you and the pants are downright sexacious baby!!! Please don't doubt yourself – caring for a seriously ill family member is downright dastardly and just know that I am thinking of you and giving you a big, warm hug all the way from Oz. xoxoxoxoxoxoox

  16. I pray for you and The Teen and your family. I know Sickle Cell can affect a family. My husband is a SC patient.

  17. so sorry to hear about the teen
    i do hope she is finding relief and that you are not worrying quite so much
    i love this sequin top you have on btw

  18. I am very sorry to hear about your personal and professional struggles and hope that you find strength in the support of those here (and at home) who appreciate and admire you. Keep up the good work and try to let the not-so-good work go peacefully by the wayside.


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