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Why Paralegals Tweet Tweet Tweet

Why Paralegals Tweet Tweet Tweet

He rocks in the tree-top all a day long
Hoppin’ and a-boppin’ and a-singin’ the song
All the little birds on J-bird St.
Love to hear the robin goin’ tweet tweet tweet

~”Rockin’ Robin”, Bobby Day

So a few posts ago I explained why Twitter is NOT about what I’m doing right now, and then it occurred to me that you shouldn’t just take my word for it because on any given day I have been known to tweet about the cardboard-like food items I’m eating at my desk for lunch.

So I asked paralegals on Twitter “Why do you Tweet?” and to tweet their responses (140 characters or less so no one could blather on to infinity, another attractive feature of Twitter). They tweeted the following reasons, which range from networking to locating freelance work to keeping up with current legal news and even saving money on long distance phone calls:

@lisababy182: “…it’s an excellent way to stay up on current events.”

@JenTaylor1015: “…to make connections and learn from others (like you!), also good way to keep up with trends in the field”

@GretaKirkland: “I tweet to learn, to stay informed, and to give my brain a break from my job.”

@ymfbrooks: “I started tweeting to meet ppl outside of the legal community; then it expanded into promoting [Paralegal Division] as District 4 Director.”

@CMPRLaw: “The firm decided they wanted Twitter, asked me to set it up, and have so far ignored it. *sigh* But I’m enjoying it and learning lots.”

@relee74: “I tweet because you never know where a piece of very useful information may present itself and it’s all about the networking.”

@IPECLE: “I tweet to keep in touch with what is going on in the legal market so I am offering the most relevant CLE programs.”

@MrWeav: “Even though I’m only a paralegal student, Twitter is by far the best way to keep up with the latest in paralegalism.”

@legalninjaKris: “Originally: just to find out what it was all about. Now: found friends, community, and have 3 clients off Twitter, so i’ll stick around.”

@madeinkowloon: “I tweet b/c I hope to get tips from other paralegals on how to make things I do more efficient.”

@melihi: “I tweet for exposure to natl legal community… and b/c I have long distance friends on Twitter.”

Of course, @RichardPrickman, fictional attorney at-large and HUGE fan of paralegals, has his own thoughts about why paralegals tweet: “Bunch of Rockin’ Robbins with nothing else to do on firm time.”

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