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Working Girl Wednesday: Bag Lunches & Fashion Knockoffs

Working Girl Wednesday:  Bag Lunches & Fashion Knockoffs

I’m not ashamed to be a card-carrying member of the “Bag Lunch Bunch.” The combination of being head of household and crunched for time during the work day makes bringing my lunch an attractive alternative to dining out frequently. Not only can I save money, but I can pack healthier choices than those Sonic cheese fries I like to eat when really stressed out.

But bag lunches have a down side for weak-willed nibblers like me. That too handy bag is right there at my desk, easily accessible when I’m involved in a project that leans more to the monotonous side, like summarizing hundreds of pages of medical records. To alleviate the tedium, I sometimes give myself little motivational rewards, like a bite to eat every 10 pages. (Okay, maybe I stretched the truth a bit – every FIVE pages…) Next thing you know, I discover I’ve eaten all my lunch by 10:30 a.m. (Maybe I should consider asking our office manager to lock up my lunch in the firm safe?)

Substituting a non-food treat at the conclusion of another completed to-do, like a quick peek at my favorite business fashion blog Corporette, is probably a better choice. But I’ve already pointed out the disadvantage of Corporette for the Bag Lunch Bunch – The Personal Shopper’s (TPS) daily recommendations are usually a bit out of reach price-wise.

But being a briefcase freak and frequent carrier of legal documents, I can’t help but long for one (or two) of the Faux Lizard File Totes showcased in today’s TPS report. Not only were no real lizards killed in the making of these document carriers, but they look like a way more sophisticated and chic option for transporting legal documents than my usual empty copier paper box. Plus, they have handles. But clearly, if I have to bring my lunch in a Humane Society insulated tote that my mother got for free after making a donation, I’m not in the crowd that can afford to pay over $80.00 to replace a free copier paper box.

However, a quick search for a knockoff document bag shows that these puppies aren’t cheap and usually (please pardon my use of a grammatically incorrect redneck phrase but you’ve got to write what you know) look like they got beat with an ugly stick. $80.00 for a good quality, durable AND attractive document carrier is probably a steal.

I did find these plastic expandable document bags, in letter and legal size, at Print Globe, which – if 120 of us get together and submit an order – would be about $4.00 apiece. We can even get them personalized with something cool, our own neat brand name, like “Working Girl Knockoff”, “I Bag It for Lunch” or “One Step Up from a Free Copier Box”…

Just for fun, I’ve added a new Working Girl Survey at the sidebar.

3 Responses to Working Girl Wednesday: Bag Lunches & Fashion Knockoffs

  1. I, too, have a thing for briefcases and bags. I order from Office Depot every month online just for the free bag with order! I don't even carry a bag most of the time because I have yet to find the perfect one. I love the lizard bags, but alas, with the price just count me in for the mass order of the plastic ones. *Sigh*

  2. Woohoo, only 117 more to go before we can place an order! 😀 I'm thinkin' of running a logo contest, because I'm leaning toward, "This Ain't a Faux Lizard Bag".

    Help. 😛

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