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Working Girl Wednesday: The Budget Fashionista

Working Girl Wednesday:  The Budget Fashionista

I keep sneaking over to Corporette even though I’m not a lawyer and I’ll never be able to convince myself that this “Monday’s Splurge“, a gorgeous red Cole Haan Genevieve Small Carpet Bag is actually worth the cost of a small area rug: $431.00. I couldn’t resist playing “The Working Girl Knockoff Game” and found this fashion-forward red Andiamo handbag in a “croco-print”, described as “capacious” (an outstanding adjective for a paralegal’s purse) for $59.95 at (Regular readers know I have a weakness for faux lizards.)

So what’s a savvy professional to do if she wants to be both trendy and thrifty? Add The Budget Fashionista to her blog reader. Recent posts for this economy’s “depressionistas” include:

“Tiffany’s Has Nothing on Walmart” (I confess that I bought a favorite pair of classic gold earrings for work at “Wally World”.)

“Top 5 for Fall: Plaid” (I’m old enough to know that you should never, ever give away well-tailored classic plaid skirts, because they always come back in style.)

Will I stop sneaking over to Corporette even though I’m not a lawyer? No. I like knowing that my Mary Jane purchase of a few months ago was fashion-savvy, even though mine only cost $20.00 on the Kohl’s clearance rack. But then I’ll get my reality check at The Budget Fashionista, so I can feel really cool when I’m shopping at the “hot new store” – Walmart.

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