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Working Girl Wednesday: Don’t Drop That Taco on Your Keyboard

Working Girl Wednesday: Don’t Drop That Taco on Your Keyboard

Or No Matter How Much I Spend, I Will Still Be Covered in Dog Hair

The last time I shared timely and helpful office etiquette, i.e. don’t eat crunchy tacos at your desk, one of my Facebook friends (okay, it was Huma) wailed on my status, “But I LIKE crunchy tacos!”

And I relented, and said, “Okay, but just don’t eat them over your keyboard,” because I wanted to make her happy and I really like them, too.

Then I saw this whale of a taco at Mashable, and thought, “Stick to your guns. It is NEVER okay to eat tacos at your desk.”

* * * * *
I also wondered if it was possible to outspend myself at after last week’s virtual window shopping spree ($2,400.00). I was feeling cold (I’m always cold) so I decided I would stick to a necessary expenditure – a new winter coat.

Not that we actually have much winter to write home about in North Carolina. Some winters I don’t even need a coat.

I wanted Kyra Sedgwick’s pink Ralph Lauren trench coat from The Closer, but am completely satisfied with this Rick Owens Belted Jersey Coat. I mean grinning-like-The-Cheshire-Cat satisfied.

I paired my new coat with a cashmere crew (I just like saying “cashmere”) and a Givenchy (pronounced “Jsee-von-shee” for those that want to look smart in front of Tim Gunn and Michael Kors) necklace.

I named the outfit “I Make Too Much Money to Work Here” and added the helpful description, “I totally think that Angelina Jolie would wear this outfit.”

Maybe ‘cause she can afford it.

Then I did the Euro-to-U.S. conversions and grabbed a calculator (which I don’t usually need at Target) and came up with a grand pre-tax total of $4,999.58: boots ($944.70 US), coat ($1,182.36 US), necklace ($2,438.52 US), top ($276.00) and pants (on sale) ($154.00).

No wonder Angelina always looks so good.

Since there’s no way I’m getting a $5,000.00 outfit or even a $1,200.00 coat, I consoled myself with the image of Angelina covered in my dogs’ hair – with that big ol’ taco dropped in her lap.

P.S. Corporette totally caved on that whole toe cleavage boycott. It’s okay if you’re wearing $252.00 shoes (on sale).

3 Responses to Working Girl Wednesday: Don’t Drop That Taco on Your Keyboard

  1. Oh. My. God. I hate that This Is Why You're Fat site. Every time I visit, I'm torn between the urge to eat something fatty and to just vom everywhere. 😛 Have you SEEN some of that stuff? It's sooooooo nauseating!! (But sometimes pretty creative and funny.)

    And I'm working on the coat! 😀

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