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Working Girl Wednesday: Dress Like Lady Gaga & Amy Winehouse for Less than $100

Working Girl Wednesday:  Dress Like Lady Gaga & Amy Winehouse for Less than $100

Or If I Add Up Everything I’ve Ever Spent on Clothes During My Whole Life, It Still Wouldn’t Total $30,000

You know how this starts out. Corporette, the fashion and lifestyle blog for overachieving chicks that don’t have the word “assistant” in their job titles, recently answered the question, “How Much Do You Spend on Clothes?”

Which is fine, except my answer would be different. For example, I’ve never spent $850 on a dress, no matter how fabulous the print.

But Corporette looks downright miserly when you consider that Jamie McCourt, the estranged wife of L.A. Dodgers’ owner Frank McCourt, recently filed an itemization of her living expenses, which included $32,912 per month for clothing and accessories.

Whoa. (Or to quote the first commenter at the Corporette post, “Woo dog.”) Even my car did not cost $32,912. To be completely forthcoming, all of our household vehicles together didn’t cost $32,912.

My favorite comment at the Corporette post is from Violet: “I interviewed for my public defender job in a $6 garage sale suit.”

Violet rocks.

So, if you’re like me, the proud owner of a $118 Vera Wang coat dress that you scored for $23 at Kohl’s, you’ll like these budget fashion blogs (like taking a wee mental health break when posts pop up in your RSS reader):

The Budget Babe: There’s almost nothing you can wear to work on this site, but that’s part of the fun, looking like the stars on a New York City sidewalk – for a lot less.

The Cheap Chica’s Guide to Style: Again, there’s almost nothing featured here that wouldn’t raise everyone’s eyebrows should you try it out in the office, but there’s great inspiration for date night and social events.

Fashion Under $100: This blog literally copies the looks of stars like the flawless Ali Larter and the impeccable Christina Ricci (as well as the unpredictable Amy Winehouse) for under $100. You can even look like Lady Gaga for under $100, especially since she’s left off that highly overrated item of clothing: the shirt.

Style It Less: Fast becoming my fave fashion blog, because clothing and accessories I can both wear and actually afford are often featured. For example, I love this $15 peasant blouse, both the deep periwinkle color and the figure-flattering Obi belt.
Woo dog. It’s hard looking good for less than $30,000 per month (or year), but somebody has to do it.

2 Responses to Working Girl Wednesday: Dress Like Lady Gaga & Amy Winehouse for Less than $100

  1. I hear ya on the rides, Huma!

    I like to think that peeps are weird which provides more fodder for my blog. I'm always puzzled when fellow bloggers say they can't find anything to write about…:p

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