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Working Girl Wednesday: A Few of My Favorite Things

Working Girl Wednesday: A Few of My Favorite Things

Or, Pearls Before Pantyhose

I’ve shared a few of my least favorite things lately (pantyhose and possums, to name a few), so I thought I’d share some of my very favorite things this week:

  • Favorite answering machine message: “I’m pleased to share that I’m making some changes in my life, and if I don’t return your call, you’re one of those changes.” (My boss won’t let me change my voice mail message at work to say this.)
  • Favorite slang term: Let’s just say one party expressed her displeasure with another party in a litigation matter by calling him a “butt munch,” all in good fun of course. Right. Like I was saying, where has this term been all my life? Looking it up also led me to another great dictionary, The Online Slang Dictionary, which is so up to the minute that it shows tweets using the slang terms. (I think it’s okay to use this term on this blog ’cause one of my paralegal buddies says she calls her kids this all the time…)
  • Favorite costume jewelry: My super long strand of champagne-colored freshwater pearls that I got for $12.99 from Steinmart, one of the store’s “Fabulous Finds”. The closest I could come online to this degree of outrageously inexpensive fabulosity is this 100″ strand for $29.99 from JCPenney.

I like to think that when I’m wearing pearls, no one notices I’m not wearing pantyhose.

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