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Working Girl Wednesday: Mortgage Payment Vs. Jimmy Choo Shoes

Working Girl Wednesday:  Mortgage Payment Vs. Jimmy Choo Shoes

Or “You Know I’m Allergic to Ugliness”

Imelda Marcos, the “Iron Butterfly”, said that. She also said, “I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes. I had one thousand and sixty.”

TIME Magazine said actually 2,700 pairs were left behind when Marcos fled Malacanang Palace, and calculated, “If Imelda Marcos changed her shoes three times a day, and never wore the same pair twice, it would take her more than two years and five months to work through her shoe supply…”

Her infamous shoe collection even gets its own song, “3,000 Pairs of Shoes” in the new off-Broadway show, Imelda: A New Musical.

Corporette says this pair of Jimmy Choo black cutout pumps are “splurge-worthy” at $665, and I know Imelda, who had a thing for black pumps, would have snapped them right up back in the day, along with 67 more pairs.

I dunno. $700 is a mortgage payment or a month’s rent for many of us working stiffs. But I guess people have been evicted for having what is now known as “Imelda Marcos Syndrome” (“when you need 2,000 pairs of shoes for just 2 feet!”)

I’ve heard of Jimmy Choo shoes, mostly because of Sex and The City. But I’ll admit to being a rube. I’ve never seen an actual pair. Maybe because they start at hundreds of dollars per pair, and Target doesn’t carry the line.

Jimmy Choo says, “My clients keep my shoes forever.”

I get that, since I’d blow my shoe budget for life with the purchase of a single pair.

I vote to make my mortgage payment instead, but having a thing for a pair of wicked black cutout pumps myself, agree that they are a wardrobe staple. So I’m checking out these knockoffs for under $100, which leaves me a few bucks left over for Starbucks once in a blue moon:

Fittzwell Chelsea Black Pumps with toe cutouts for $38.17 from Overstock

Joan & David black pumps with side cutout detail for $71 from Zappos (with rave reviews from customers):

My budget is allergic to $700 shoes.
______________Addendum: One of my savvy readers says she gets deals on Choos on eBay. So, I’m extending a “Reader Choo Challenge”. Go “window-shopping” on eBay and see if you can find a pair of Jimmy Choos in your size that are work-appropriate. Email the link to your Choos to, and I’ll do a post with “Choos for Working Girls”. I’m going to be Choo-shopping in my size, too 🙂

2 Responses to Working Girl Wednesday: Mortgage Payment Vs. Jimmy Choo Shoes

  1. I have a few pairs of Jimmy Choo's fabulous shoes and even a some Manolos … of course I did not pay retail for a single one of these! eBay! Yaaa!

  2. One of the attorneys here buys gorgeous designer shoes on eBay. I challenge you guys to "window-shop" on eBay for a pair of Jimmy Choos in your size that you can wear to work. Email me ( the link to "your" Choos in eBay, and I'll do a reader knockoff post 🙂 I'm going to see if I can find my own pair of Choos, too 😀

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