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Working Girl Wednesday: Tweed Suits & The Perfect Tote

Working Girl Wednesday:  Tweed Suits & The Perfect Tote

My absolute favorite Corporette feature is the “Suit of the Week”, not intended to be an interview suit but “a slightly different suit that is fashionable, yet professional.” This week it’s a Theory tweed suit with a price tag close to $600.00, even before taxes and shipping. While it is a lovely and classic item, it didn’t seem to go over well with some readers, who complained about the lack of the skirt lining and the fact that it’s not offered in a size larger than 12.

Let’s face it, when I buy a suit, it not only has to not cost $600.00, but it has to appear in a lot of venues, from committee meetings to job interviews to court hearings – or even funerals – at the drop of a hat. I don’t normally wear tweed, because it makes me feel itchy by association, but I found a JonesWear (subtle) tweed pantsuit offered by JCPenney, normally $225.00 but on sale for $89.99. No, the pants aren’t lined, as many suits in the lower price ranges aren’t nowadays, but it is offered in sizes 6-18. And you know how I feel about paralegals wearing pantsuits to the courthouse.

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Finally, maybe I am a little obsessed with totes since the reality of my life is hauling documents of some kind everywhere I go, and my longing for the Faux Lizard totes featured by Corporette last week hasn’t been satisfied. Corporette offered a helpful post this week, “What Your Tote Bag Says About You,” but none of the totes featured said “me” as much as this “I litigate, therefore I am” tote offered by Café Press for $19.50.

What does your favorite tote say about you? If you’ll send me a picture and a brief blurb about why it suits you perfectly, I’ll include it in a future post!

2 Responses to Working Girl Wednesday: Tweed Suits & The Perfect Tote

  1. Love this post Lynn – nice and practical but fun too! My favorite tote says a lot about me. That I like pretty things and that I carry a lot of stuff especially! It's a big black and white patterned bag from Janine King Designs on Etsy (love Etsy for unique stuff!)

  2. Laurie, I'd love to feature a pic of what sounds like a very cool tote in a future post! And Etsy is way cool – I bought one of my favorite pendants from Red Panda Jewelry (a Nashville paralegal) and my amazing daughter who is in graduate school for costume construction is going to be selling her original creations on Etsy soon.

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