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Working Girl Wednesday: What Secretaries Really, Really Want

Working Girl Wednesday: What Secretaries Really, Really Want

Or, R-E-S-P-E-C-T

I promise this is the last post (this year) on holiday gift-giving, but I couldn’t not address Above the Law’s second post on the issue, “What Secretaries Want”.

I think (hope) that Marin is simply trying to be outrageously witty and wildly entertaining when she includes Precious Moments angel figurines, “Footprints in the Sand” plaques and Dunkin Donuts cards on the list of gifts that every secretary must be dreaming of.
(Oh, wait, I do love me some Dunkin Donuts…)

But honestly, the lists just come across as kind of mean. Especially the part about not wanting Kindles.

I’d sell my mama for a Kindle. (If I hadn’t already sold her for dual monitors….)

But what secretaries and administrative staff really want, every day, and certainly in lieu of a gift card to a clothing store well known for its loud colors and in-your-face prints (stereotype anybody lately?), is a little respect and a lot less patronization.

2 Responses to Working Girl Wednesday: What Secretaries Really, Really Want

  1. You're right. Of course, we'd never sell our mamas for a Kindle.


    But maybe Mama will give me a Kindle for Christmas?

    Oh, right, not likely to happen, since she's still gobsmacked that Senator John McCain twitters and refuses to even use email 😛

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