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Yawn, a Boring Black Turtleneck

Yawn, a Boring Black Turtleneck

The first couple of years I started style blogging for recessionistas, I abandoned my signature black clothing. I thought I’d get kicked out of the style blogger club if I didn’t flash color regularly. I did learn to love me some color, but deep down inside, I missed the classic ease of my black clothes.

I even donated one of my long time wardrobe basics, a black turtleneck shirt, to the Goodwill.

The Deets: Anthropologie jacket (super clearance years ago); Turtleneck (Target last year); Levi stretch bootcut jeans (Goodwill); LifeStride booties (old); Rhinestone necklace (Loft clearance, old)

But then last year, on one of my infrequent trips to Target, I surreptitiously dropped a new black turtleneck into my shopping cart. I mean I paid for it an’ all, but it felt a little like shoplifting. I put it in the back of my closet, and then ignored it, fearing my readers would find it to be a huge yawn if I wore it on the blog.

However, an opportunity to have dinner with some besties arose last night. After three months of living on a bone marrow transplant unit, that black turtleneck suddenly looked desirable, beautiful, and well, honest. I love black clothes, I truly do.

The Deets: Vintage silver bangles (two a gift from Jean of Dross into Gold
and my Ronald McDonald House ID bracelet

Besides, black is an awesome backdrop for The Bling.

15 Responses to Yawn, a Boring Black Turtleneck

  1. You look adorable!!
    After spending time as a bag of exploded skittles I've embraced black and grey as my core colors. It makes dressing WAY easier.
    And i love a black turtleneck (I just had to rethrift my now too large one and NEED another) They are the perfect backdrop to bling or scarves!!

  2. Love that black turtleneck. I wore one today too. There's something cat burglar, mod about them, and as you say, a great backdrop for bling. I don't do bling but I did do my eyes in black. Glad you had a night out and I hope there was much raucousness at your table!

  3. Um boring? I would say not! This looks fantastic – the black and white photos are classy and you are right, black is a fantastic canvas for jewelry and bling! Embrace the black!!

  4. Black turtlenecks are great. I'm actually looking for one for a black turtleneck sweater for myself. And a plain white turtleneck for layering. Turtlenecks are the best for layering!

  5. Funny enough I put on a black turtleneck today as well. Not something I'm prone to do since I love colour.

    You're looking very sleek in this. I must admit I miss seeing your vibrant hair here with the black and white photos.


  6. Look great to me!! Especially layered with that gorgeous jacket. I've been looking longingly at turtlenecks for layering, but unfortunately can't handle the neck-tightness of them. Ah well, I'll stick with layering collared shirts!

  7. Sometimes I cringe thinking of my mindset in my early blogging days. It was me . . . but also a weird me like an "afraid to be too me me", if that makes sense. I thrifted a Style & Co. black turtleneck a few years back and it is very well worn in my closet. Good for you for snagging a new one!

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