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You Can Get Dressed for Work for $7

You Can Get Dressed for Work for $7

I’ve been posting less lately, partly ’cause I don’t want y’all to get tired of me. However, I recalled I did make the shift from tongue-in-cheek paralegal news reporting to budget style blogger, partly because many new paralegals and college graduates told me they didn’t have money for a work wardrobe.

And partly because I could only find Photoshopped 20-somethings, looking giddy like anyone would who gets their pictures taken (and Photoshopped) for a living, wearing my favorite clothing designers, mostly for what appeared to be yacht outings and more than three cocktails at lunch. I was more interested in seeing real women, preferably of a certain age, wearing real clothes to work. I would really respect any clothing retailer who photographed its career clothes on women of a variety of shapes and ages who were actually going to the office – and not as the boss, either.

So now I’m back to my roots, showing you guys what I did wear to the office today, top and bottom purchased from GoodWill last year, with some final sale Loft flats (can ya believe no one wanted sparkly shoes?) and an old clearance Burlington Outlet multi-chain necklace added.

I love this pic because my Corgi’s ears are in it.
The Deets: Ann Taylor Loft fully lined skirt (GoodWill); Express wrap shirt (GoodWill); 
Pewter flats (Loft final sale); Necklace (Burlington Coat Outlet clearance)

Add lily white legs (no plans to tan, for those who’ve asked how I handle bare legs in summer), the rebel summer ankle bracelet, and I’m keepin’ it real for an 80-degree day in the South.

I’ve seen so many style bloggers apologize for being photographed in the first pale legs of the season, but as someone who avoids tanning on purpose, no apologies needed. “Tan Mom” frightens me to death, and reminds me to preserve my skin, not deep-fry it. When I ponder tanning lotion, I wonder if I’ll look weird if my orange legs don’t match the rest of my Casper self. And I’m too lazy to really care. Maybe I should apologize for that?

P.S. If some of you never read this blog when it was devoted to paralegals, see acclaimed articles like “Loose the Attitude“.

21 Responses to You Can Get Dressed for Work for $7

  1. Hee, the Ears of the Corginator!

    I love this outfit – it looks comfy but chic. I wonder how cheap of an outfit I can make? Hmmm…that would be a fun challenge!

  2. Cute and very work appropriate.
    I'm glad you are getting back to your roots. Not all of us can be those photoshopped blog models. I'm real…and I love my Goodwill bargains and yours too!

  3. Corginator ears! Who in the world doesn't want shiny shoes!? My favorite tall boots are metallic leather.

    Also I dropped you a box in the mail today. Should reach you Friday according to the receipt.

  4. Cheers to you for owning the pale legs. Mine are fishy white and staying that way. I just cannot add one more grooming step to the ritual (i.e., self-tanning). Love your look, that red hair! and your Corgi's darling ears xoxoxoxo

  5. Loving those ears! White or not I wish it was warm enough here to ditch the tights.
    I can't believe anyone has trouble shopping for a work wear wardrobe second-hand. There's no hope for some people! You look gorgeous, as you always do. xxx

  6. I spy adorable doggie ears!!

    Love your outfit and why did no one want those fabulous shoes??

    I'm in the "so pale they are translucent" leg club, too. And I'm not planning on doing anything about it come summer. I'm embracing the Pasty!!

  7. I own up to my pale legs too – I have too many friends who've already dealt with skin cancer – tanning is not worth it. But anyway, I love that this entire outfit was thrifted, you look fantastic. I wore a mostly non-thrifted outfit yesterday and it felt a little odd, so much of my stuff is thrifted now!

  8. Here here! I am naturally darker skinned, but when it has been winter for the last 8 months (OK, maybe it just feels like 8 months to me), it's hard to get tanned unless you fake it. I love seeing what you thrift! Or anyone for that matter! And yes, they need to be much more realistic in clothing ads. And sometimes blogs.

  9. I love this outfit Lynne and I too have white legs the entire summer long … I don't tan either.

    Love your corgis ears in the background.

  10. Thrifted work wear, Corgi ears, shiny shoes, and a shout out for the pale-skinned among us – I think I love you, Lynne! I never get tanned, and have given it up as a bad job now. We humans come in all shades, right? And that's OK. xxxx

  11. I'm in the ghostly-limbed club, too, and frankly can't be bothered to care about it. Tan-in-a-can is hideously popular in the Liverpool region, and all the Oompa-Loompa-toned skin (Not kidding, it is THAT orange) has put me off the idea entirely forever and ever.

    I'm also in the Corginator Ears fan club, and a big fan of this look.

  12. Dog ears! In the past, pale skin was considered desirable because it meant you were rich enough to avoid outdoor labor. These days, staying away from the sun is smart for health reasons.

  13. Hi Lynne … I've been battling for days to comment … at last here I am … love this outfit and wish I could dress as well for the same amount of money. I too am a pale skin … my legs only look almost decent because I have zillions of freckles.

    Love the corgi ears … our big dog loves to come and sit directly in front of me and then I have to try and ditch her .. gotta love the the four legged kids.

  14. You are Awesome Lynne. 7 Bucks and looking THIS AMAZING? You make it possible my friend. =) I like the mix-printing on that skirt too. Ohh and let me ask you, how is your daughter doing? You can E-Mail me an update on her. Thanks. =)

    By the way, I am doing a special Birthday Blog Party where I invite all of My Readers & Followers to participate. Of course I love your style so you are Welcome to do so. =) All you gotta do is Style an outfit and E-Mail it to me by May 2nd. ada.furxhi(at) – is the EMail address. I will be running the post with everyone's outfits on May 5th & you can link My Blog or that post to your blog either on the 5th or the next time you post after that. Let me know if you'd like to participate. I would love to have you there, Lynne. It will be FUN!! So, let me know.

    BTW I featured 2 of your Looks from the past week, below:

    Have a Great New Week Dear!! Ada. =)

  15. Yay for no apologies! I agree, whether my legs are tan enough is not worthy of my worry list. Although I wouldn't mind some 80 degree weather to test them out. Glad to see you back in your loverly outfits going to and from work doing your bit for the style/ money challenged amongst us.

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