I am almost (but never quite) speechless. This is what came up in a search on Amazon.com for women’s career wear:

Did I really have to specify, er, daytime careers? Even if I had meant escort – it would have been for the U.S. Marshals Service, you wonky wench of a search engine.

No, I’m not sharing the link, even though it’s only $39.99 and machine-washable, because some newbie will buy it, wear it to a job interview, possibly get the job, and then tell the entire Internet I recommended this for an interview suit.

Here’s how to do sexy in an interview suit under $100 available through Macy’s, that you can tell the Internet I recommended:

No, I’m telling the one or two of you who are thinking it, you can not redeem the brown strapless escort dress with a tasteful jacket. This is not and never will be a Tim Gunn “Carry on” moment.

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