That’s my new favorite quote, from Officer Tracy Jones, one of the stars of my hubby’s fave new reality show, TLC’s Police Women of Dallas. She said it after a particularly, um, challenging encounter with The Public.

Now that’s what I’m going to say after particularly challenging telephone encounters with The Public, “So, HELP me, Jesus, I NEED a SNOW CONE!” It could be the new Paralegal’s Prayer. For some reason, it’s as satisfying to me as other choices that might fall in the category of cursing like a sailor and result in a reminder to clean up my cake-hole at work. I want this quote cross-stitched and hung over my desk.

My second fave quote from Officer Jones comes toward the end of this clip from the show, when a suspect loudly (and without a shred of believability) declares her sobriety. Jones gives her the ol’oh-no-you-di’int-just-say-that look, and then quips, “My name’s Pippi Longstocking.” (I bet there are some legal staffers out there, especially those with experience in criminal law, who’ve thought the exact same thing once or twice in their careers, when being handed a line of bull–.)

Great show, great kick-ass female professionals – anybody else watched it? What do you think?

Ya’ll have a great weekend – and go ahead, treat yourself to a snow cone.

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