“I think you are.”

I am mad for John Cusack, no joke. And Kevin Spacey, as well. And well, you gotta feel sorry for this poor interviewer who thinks she’s speaking to the star of American Beauty, you know, the movie with all the rose petals.

We’ve all had these days, but at least they weren’t memorialized on YouTube:

How can we relate this to the paralegal profession? Paralegal Interview Tip: Do your homework before you do the interview, so you don’t look like a danged fool.

Also it’s really important to include non-legal sites and blogs in your RSS feed reader, because sometimes one good belly laugh can get a paralegal through an otherwise unsalveageable day.

P.S. Blogger must be in a bit of a snit today, because when I ran the spellcheck, it said every single word in this post is spelled wrong.

Source: 10 Funniest TV Interviews Gone Wrong (Oddee)

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