Another class offered at North, that is more underrated but perhaps more essential to society, is paralegal. This is the hidden arteries of the legal system, being able to sort through useless information to pick out the gems that can either save an innocent person or convict the guilty party. Unlike the lawyers who put the pieces together and argue their views, paralegals find those pieces and clean them up for the lawyer to put together later. It might sound like clerical work, but it’s more important and complicated than one might think. ~ Excerpt from San Jacinto Times, student newspaper of San Jacinto College.

Okay, I admit it, I was shocked to learn you can also major in journalism at San Jacinto College.

For those of you studying for NALA’s CLA/CP exam, I invite you to circle all the grammatical and punctuation errors (or stuff that is just plain wrong but you can’t figure out why) as a study exercise for the written communications section.

For those of you who just sat down at your desk and haven’t had a single chug of your coffee, please don’t cry. There are gems hidden on your desk. Also, you’re way more important than one might think.

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