Or Been Driven ’round the Bend by Online Content Theft

Language alert here, but this xtranormal video, “One Professor’s Fantasy” (brought to my attention by my husband the college professor), to quote Vivian from Pretty Woman, is “so good, I almost peed my pants!”

I taught paralegal classes for five years – and I loved it. But no lie, there is always that one student in every single class – the special one. The one who asked me if reports had to be written in complete sentences. The one who turned in a report with no complete sentences. The one who had seven grandmothers die in one semester. The one who couldn’t take the exam with the rest of the class because Aunt Flo was visiting. The one who lied to the entire faculty about undergoing chemotherapy – and provided forged doctors’ notes – to get extensions for projects. The one who came to class twice and still maintained a D average, but filed a formal complaint with the dean because her final grade wasn’t an A. You know – that one.

There’s so much good stuff in this video about proofreading, plagiarism and procrastination, that transcribing the instructor’s very pointed questions to that student would make a great blog post for paralegal students, paralegals and bloggers – about how not to succeed in academia or the professional world.

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