After Huma Rashid, law student and rockin’ fashion stylist/blogger, recommended Shop It To Me, a site that acts as your “personal online shopper” by sending you email alerts when your favorite designer duds are on sale, I signed up.

I admit I may have to adjust my settings after getting an email alert that a Michael Kors Satin Sheath Dress is on sale for $1,000 (Wut, are you peeps NUTZ?!? It’s PANK and looks like something a Real Housewife would wear to the grocery store!!!) but have no complaints at all about this great-looking Tahari ASL “Jodi Ann” jacket and “Cameron” skirt set, normally almost $300, on sale at Bloomies for $78.40 and currently available in sizes 4, 6, 10, 12 and 14 – using the promotional code FFSAVE at checkout. The jacket alone is worth the price.
Some of you have already told me that you don’t like the monochrome look, but I think black tights and black shoes or boots worn with black skirts is a classic and sophisticated look for the colder months. I hate pantyhose but love, love, love tights in the winter.

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