It’s challenging enough for me to commute to work – and get there wearing matching shoes and a hairstyle that doesn’t make my co-workers ask if I lost my hairbrush – driving a car, even though it’s less than five miles from my house. I can hardly imagine trying to do it riding a bide.

But Vermont legal assistant, Hanna Thurber, a legal assistant at Fisher & Fisher Law Office in Brattleboro, rode her bike to work, a five mile commute one way, for 80 days last year, and met her goal of commuting to work on her bike for 100 days this year.
She’s not even a competitive cyclist; she does it because it’s fun.
The Brattleboro Reformer describes her bike-commuting days:

Each morning, she packed up her work clothes, water bottle and tire repair kit, hopped on her Cannondale Cyclocross and coasted into town.

At the law office, she carried her bike up a flight of stairs and tucked it in a storage closet for the day.

“My co-workers were very supportive and enthusiastic. I feel lucky about that. They knew I was going for 100 days and would ask, ‘How many do you have left?,'” she says.

Thurber’s story makes me remember how much I loved riding my bike as a kid, and how much I’ve felt like a carefree kid the few times I’ve ridden a bike as an adult.

But I’m not coordinated enough to try cycling to work, especially with a travel mug full of coffee in one hand – and my teenage daughter catching a ride to school on the handlebars.
Are any Practical Paralegalism readers commuting to work via bike, full or part-time?

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