…that It’s National Clean Out Your Fridge Day

This is the last thing that any bona fide paralegal wants to learn at the end of a Monday spent answering The Interrogatories That Wouldn’t Quit (like the drafter thought there was going to be some kind of prize given for most subparts ever. Separate post coming on how I deal with those puppies, especially when they get into the double letters).

But the national fridge freak out was yesterday, I think. (There seems to be some dispute amongst various websites as to whether this horrible event was yesterday or today.) As a paralegal, I’m obsessive about not missing dates, but this one? I’m good with failing to calendar it.

Actually, it’s the fridge at work that probably needs to celebrate, because when 17 people who have no regard for expiration dates or mold classifications share an older model cold storage unit, sometimes there are things that look like this in it:

Hehe. I can’t stop laughing at this picture either, but some of the other ones at the Cake Wrecks post made my stomach kinda whoopsie.

Maybe our firm will celebrate next year by expunging the Rubbermaid-turned-Petri-dishes. Everyone should clean out the fridge once a year – whether it needs it or not.

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