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The November issue has an especially interesting article by Wisconsin attorney Ross Kodner, “Independence Daze: The iPad is changing the terrain of remote practice.” As a new iPad owner, I’m still very much learning all of its tricks and business applications (and would probably learn them much faster if I’d stop playing Plants vs. Zombies you can check your email on this giant gaming tablet? Shut. Up!). I even started a new Practical Paralegalism page, “Paralegal iPad” (see the page tabs at the top of this blog) to share information for legal iPad users.

Kodner’s article summarizes the many, many ways legal professionals can utilize an iPad, especially when working on electronic (and not, ugh, paper) case files. From remotely accessing office practice management systems to reviewing and annotating documents to performing legal research (you get a free account with the iPad Fastcase app), the iPad is a technological boon to legal professionals on the go. Sure, you can use your smart phone, laptop or netbook, but the instant start up, tactile interface and great big beautiful screen will spoil you for anything else right quick.

Some of the apps I’ve already downloaded to my iPad (many free), including Evernote and Dropbox, are discussed in the article, as well as the benefits of buying an external keyboard (I’ve got one).

If an iPad isn’t in your budget right now, LTN certainly is, and there are other great technology articles in this issue. Even if you’re not a “techhie,” you’d be surprised how much you can learn by regularly reading a few legal technology blogs and publications, as well as getting a subscription to PCWorld – or Macworld if you’re all Apple all the time.

Source: LTN

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