Oh, Wait, My Cubicle Doesn’t Have One

But if it did, it would so be closed.

You guys know I strongly encourage paralegals to add some grammar police blog subscriptions to their RSS feed readers. Not only are they educational, but they’re great sources of belly laughs, at least for the grammar geeks amongst us.

When I saw this sign at the “blog” of “unncessary” quotation marks, I thought, “We’ve all had those days when anyone with a lick of sense and a love of living would not set foot in our office space. It’s not like we can close our doors literally on our supervising attorneys, but who hasn’t had that look on her face that said ‘closed’ anyway?” (Maybe those quotation marks would be necessary if we just move them over to the word “sorry”? And this could so be an office in a paper-full law firm with no practice management software.)

P.S. I don’t think you can ever close your door if your office has a drive-thru window

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