Job Title: Assistant to Alice Mine, Assistant Executive Director, North Carolina State Bar

Employer: North Carolina State Bar, Raleigh, NC

Years of Paralegal Experience: 5

Education/Degrees: Bachelors in Business Administration – Columbia College, Columbia, MO; Paralegal Certificate from Meredith College, Raleigh, NC

Specialty Areas: Administration

Career Highlight: Being the Raleigh-Wake Paralegal Association’s Student Chair for two years always makes me proud. I love talking with students and promoting the paralegal profession. I remember how excited I was as a student and how much fun I had, but I also remember the worries and self-doubt that came. I feel it’s really important for established paralegals to reassure and be mentors to students to help them be the best they can be.

Paralegal Practice Tip: Don’t stop learning, take in as much as knowledge as you can. Don’t ever miss any opportunity to say a kind word to someone every day. You never know what that person is going through, and what you say can be the light that helps them get through.

Favorite Internet Resource: North Carolina State Bar of course!

Do you use social media resources, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or blogs, for career and/or case development?
I’m still joining the social media age….sad but true. I’m on LinkedIn (still working on “perfecting” that) which I like because it’s a like a resume of your work. I’m also on Facebook which is a great way to keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues. Lynne encouraged me at the last RWPA seminar to even give tweeting a try.

Fun Fact: I’m a major scrapbooking geek. I do it the old school way on paper, not on a computer. It’s like therapy for me, and I love the results.

One Gadget You Can’t Live Without: My HTC-Eris Smartphone, my life is on there!!

Favorite Quote: “Be yourself; everyone else is taken.” –Oscar Wilde

Paralegal/Legal Association Memberships: Raleigh-Wake Paralegal Association, North Carolina Bar Association-Paralegal Division

Professional Links:

I had a chance to work with Lanice this year while she was the CLE chair for RWPA. She invited me to speak at the association’s October conference. She was really lovely to work with and did a great job both planning and coordinating this terrific educational event. She’s one of the many dedicated legal professionals I’ve met this year who donate hours of their time to paralegal associations and make those CLE/CPE seminars and networking opportunities happen. Thank them next time you see them!

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