Here’s the latest round of stuff that we wish hadn’t happened in the paralegal world – but allegedly did. (I used The Corginator’s pic with this post, because her oh-no-Idi’INT face is pretty good.)

Embezzling $100k Gets You a Destination Prison Stint

Sometimes I wonder what legal staffers convicted of theft from their employers did with the money. For example, did they take a dream destination vacation? And was it worth the final destination of prison? Anna Jolene Chesnut of Oklahoma, a former legal assistant, will be able to tell us. Her conviction on wire fraud has earned her a two-year stint in a federal prison. The kicker? She still has criminal charges pending for embezzling $30,000 from her former employer’s trust account. (Durant Daily Democrat)

Who Can Blame ‘Em? County Employees Sue Over Moldy Workplace

The Monterey County District Attorney’s Office in California had to evacuate its employees from the Annex Building on West Gabilan Street in June 2008, due to mold issues. Now nine employees are suing the building’s owners and a cleanup company for alleged health issues caused by the mold. (Lean back in your chair and inhale deeply. Don’t smell bat poo or a musty smell so strong you have to burn scented candles? Suddenly, work life, or at least your office, smells a little sweeter.) (Monteray Herald)

Is $500 Worth the Loss of Your Job?

A court clerk for the City of Woodburn Municipal Court in Oregon has been arrested on multiple criminal charges arising out of the alleged theft of $500. This princely sum was allegedly taken by altering parking citations. The clerk is on paid administrative leave pending departmental investigation. (I hope these allegations aren’t true; it ain’t worth $500 to lose your job and benefits, your credibility – and your ability to pass a future background check.) (Woodburn Independent)

If the Sign Fits, Wear It

Is justice wearing a sign that reads “I stole from disabled American Veterans” in front of a VA hospital? A Texas attorney and his legal assistant wife are accused of driving a Lexus and racking up gambling debts with funds he held in trust for veterans. The total sum allegedly stolen from at least 28 Texas veterans is over $2 million, but somehow it sounds worse when a veteran’s mom says she couldn’t get the couple to give her son $250 for his family’s Thanksgiving dinner. (

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