As an English major, I’m a bigger fan of the off-color language than I should be, but there are days when only WTF will do. (I’m also over-using Whuck! quite a bit these days. What can I say? The. Holidays. Really. Stress. Me. Out.)

But when I saw this post, “22 Awesome WTF! Posters” from Creative Overflow, I felt this one in particular calling to me. I’m the fat little figure fleeing from my current discovery project – which feels like it is about to flatten me like a possum on the indifferent highway of life.

It’s been one of those weeks, starting with a Monday call to Triple AAA after I left my auto lights on here at work (it was only four hours, peeps, whuck?) Then my laptop died at home (ergo, the reduced blog posts), The Cat projectile-vomited all over a wall in my living room, and I had an excruciatingly painful and humiliating experience after I idiotically rinsed a contact lens with that extremely caustic (but killer cleaning solution) Clear Care and then popped it into my eye, causing me to scream like a lady and believe for about 10 minutes that I had lost sight in that eye forever.

These posters are available from Minga, and I think several of them would look really, really lovely in my office. Think my boss will go for it?

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