There’s an interesting article at the Wisconsin Law Journal Blog, “Holiday parties can be frugal and festive,” which discusses some ways that law firms might want to deal with the thorny issue of the annual holiday party during tight financial times. Some of the less expensive options suggested include:

  • Nosh on trays of wannabe hors d’oeurvres from Costco, and chase them down with no-name brewskis. Okay, but only if the party starts at lunch.
  • Hold an Elvis-themed party. I’m sorry, but peanut butter and banana sandwiches on paper plates would likely make me cry
  • Hire a bus to take everyone on a tour to see the holiday lights in your locale. Snacks are suggested; booze was not mentioned. (As an experienced field trip mom, I know for a fact that charter buses will not allow sunflower seeds, popcorn, or almost any fun food on board.)
  • Ask if any of the employees are caterers and/or rock band members. (Maybe specify that being a master of Rock Band for Wii or PlayStation doesn’t count. Or just invite everyone over to play Rock Band and eat peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Oh, wait, this still makes me teary-eyed.)
  • Have an Ugly Christmas Sweater contest. My advice? Just don’t. I bet some of you, including Tim Gunn, are crying now.
  • Skip a cheap party and allow employees to go home a little early – sharing the costs of the non-event among them as a kind of [an awful] bonus.

Seriously, there are actually some great ideas in this article if you’re the party planner, from negotiating restaurant rates to planning the firm’s participation in a charity event

If you could plan your firm’s holiday party this year, what would you really want to do? Please feel free to comment as Anonymous, The Grinch or even as Elvis-Lives-in-My-Basement to protect your identity and employment status.

Source: Wisconsin Law Journal Blog

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