As I was downloading to my Dropbox account a PDF copy of the terrific CLE manual (to read later on my iPad) from the North Carolina Advocates for Justice recent 17th Annual Workplace Torts & Workers’ Comp seminar, I decided to share some of the useful links provided by my supervising attorney J. Griffin Morgan in his manuscript, “An Outline of Leaves and Accommodations for Injured Workers under the Family Medical Leave Act and Americans with Disabilities Act.” This is great information to bookmark for those of you who work in the areas of workers’ compensation and employment law:

General Information on the Statutes

EEOC Guidance Documents on Specific Issues

If anyone in your firm attends a CLE seminar, encourage them to provide some in-house education upon their return, including sharing helpful materials, and/or doing a written or live presentation of key points from the education sessions. It’s a great way to keep your co-workers up-to-date on the latest legal developments and practice skills in your specialty areas – and to prove you were paying attention!

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