I have talked to many, many paralegals during social media presentations in the last 18 months about the joys of Twitter. The. Joys.

Alas, I have convinced maybe six to try it. (I realized today that I may not be a gifted salesperson when I discovered even my own best friend and co-worker did not know I designed a line of humorous items for paralegals).

But you can still follow your favorite Twitterers without actually joining Twitter, and share in their micro-blogging fun, which may consist of links to stuff you might want to read, funny observations on life in the legal field (or in my case, as mom to two, yes, I said TWO, 14-year old girls) or some of the hilarious online conversations that get started (when some of us, not namin‘ names, sit down at our computers after dinner with a glass of wine.)

So how do you Twitter stalk? Simply go to the Twitterer’s page at Twitter.com. Find out if the object of your obsessive affections has a Twitter account simply by Googling him or her. For example, Google me, “lynne devenny twitter” or “@expertparalegal twitter” and you get to this link: http://twitter.com/expertparalegal. That’s my Twitter page, stalkers. You can visit any time you want to see the inanities I spewed forth during the day, using 140 characters or less.

You can also never miss a tweet from your favorite Twitterers, again without signing up for Twitter, by simply finding the RSS feed button on their Twitter page, and clicking it to add all of their tweets to your RSS feed reader. That button looks like this (see below).

Now, go out there and Twitter stalk like the skilled legal professional and social media savvy expert I know you are.

Since it’s the holiday season, and we paralegals really need good laughs more than ever, especially if peanut butter and banana sandwiches were served at the annual holiday party or your bonus was a $10 GameStop gift card your supervising attorney got in his stocking last year, start with @loadedsanta, who recently announced, “Prancer has the runs. That’s what passes for news around here.” Yes, the language is awful and political correctness appears in nary a tweet, but still, who doesn’t giggle at “120 days till Christmas, kids! If you actually knew that, you’re one nerdy-ass kid.” It’s hard to argue with that.

Twitter Stalking 101. You are so welcome.

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