My co-worker and super-paralegal, Rana Holcomb, gave me a sticky pad full of funny sayings last Christmas. Today, after driving like Miss Daisy at a hair-raising 5 mph on icy slick roads to make it into work – not realizing that my most serious risk of bodily harm was getting out of the car in the firm parking lot and nearly busting my tail on the icy sidewalk, all I really want to calm my frazzled nerves is a cookie. One will do.

We had vendor cookies and candy in an eye-boggling abundance – until today. Now all we have are empty boxes and tins full of crumbs, and the high school band pears I brought in to share. Fruit is no substitute when you’re jonesing for a cookie.

So when I saw this was my sticky pad page of the day (“Stress Cure: Take two cookies and call in sick” if you can’t read it), I just felt…robbed. Robbed and still stressed. And sort of legitimately sick.

So, help me, Jesus, I NEED a COOKIE!

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