First, I’d like to make a holiday confession, already tweeted and irretrievably documented somewhere by the Library of Congress:

And you thought label makers were just for file folders and people with OCD.

Think your Monday Before Christmas started out rough, and worried that the other paralegals will laugh at you, because you asked for an extension of time for Christmas Day, and didn’t get one?

Yeah, me, too. But now you’ve got someone to feel superior to. Me.

Plus, I have a whopper case of sinusitis. And when I can’t breathe, I panic. (Or is it when I panic, I forget to breathe? One of those. Definitely.) But this is me blogging, and not panicking.

Without [much] further ado, here’s this week’s recommended reading courtesy of Practical Paralegalism (who by the way is not having a holiday meltdown, blubbering under the firm Christmas tree in the lobby, whining something uber-whiney about, “Can I take this fully decorated tree and fake presents under it home with me – just for the weekend?” Nooooo, not me.)

  • LinkedIn Profile Tips ( Job Searching) ~ Career expert Alison Doyle provides a detailed set of instructions for setting up a LinkedIn profile – with pictures. Too many legal professionals don’t have LinkedIn profiles. If you aren’t already using LinkedIn, getting started in January 2011 is a fine professional New Year’s resolution that is free and relatively painless.
  • Handling Unethical Attorney Conduct: An Example (The Empowered Paralegal) ~ Attorney, author and paralegal instructor Robert Mongue suggests consulting outside counsel if a legal staffer finds herself in the position of reporting alleged misconduct within the firm, especially if that reporting is ignored.
  • Help Me Help You (The Paralegal) ~ Paralegal supervisor Ana Pierro blogs about the importance of clear communication between supervisor and employee, with the emphasis on how you can help your own supervisor better assist you.
  • 10 Best Reading and Productivity Apps (PCWorld) ~ I digest a lot of written content every day, and some of these apps are new to me – but worth checking out. I’ve heard good things about SimpleNote, although I currently store most of my brain matter in Evernote.
  • MacGyver Your Software: Necessity Reveals Useful Tools You Never Knew Your PC Had (ABA Journal) ~ Feeling like you’re lagging behind in office technology updates, because the peeps on the paralegal listservs are all about Microsoft Office 10 and your firm is still so 2003? Dennis Kennedy takes a closer look at unused software features you may not be aware you have, including Word 2007’s metadata scrubbing feature.
  • Naked Mailman Just Looking to Cheer Up Woman on His Route (FindLaw’s Legally Weird) ~ With holiday cheer like this, let’s just skip everything until the 4th of July. If you live in Wisconsin’s North Shore Post Office delivery district, you have my sympathy. The USPS assures us this dude is no longer delivering holiday cheer, er, mail. Although I’m stressed out, too, and the story did make me laugh…

Favorite Practical Paralegalism post from this time last year: Holiday Gift Giving: Round Robin and Newts

P.S. My good Twitter buddy and new paralegal blogger, Karen Jessop (@mrsktj), sez there is a group for us (we know who we are): PHCA (Paralegals Who Hate Christmas Association). If the group gets a discount at Total Wine, I’m totally in.

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