Is my Christmas tree up yet? Nope. Which is why we’re re-visiting the Posts of Christmas Past, rather than writing new ones. (Besides, it’s kinda cool to have been hanging ’round the blawgosphere long enough to have a past to re-visit.)

Some of my fond memories include:

While trying to find the perfect image of beautiful chocolate for this post, my Google search (which may be possessed by not-so-benign spirits) comes up with “How to Make Chocolate Reindeer Poop Candy” – I can’t make this up. I didn’t even know that anyone would want to make any kind of chocolate poop candy – ever. I sure as heck didn’t put chocolate poop in the Google query.

If you’re like me, and can’t read the fine print any more due to the rapidly accelerating aging process, the tag on the poop candy reads:

You’ve been naughty
So here’s the Scoop
You’re getting nothing
But Reindeer Poop!

“Little reindeer gifts” – why didn’t I think of that? And this recipe is right up my culinary skill alley; you just throw a bunch of random chocolate together and melt it – or cheat and use chocolate-covered raisins.

Hey, Lady Jessop, I’m bringing Reindeer Poop Candy (the cheatin‘ kind) to the first meeting of PHCA (Paralegals- Who-Hate-Christmas-Association-mainly-’cause-our-trees-aren’t-up)!

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