Or Else Wut? I Dunno. I Forgot.

I predict Big Legal Brain (http://biglegalbrain.com/), a new blog created by C. Hank Peters, aka “Chank,” Gregory Luce (@gregoryluce on Twitter), and legal assistant and BLB unpaid intern No. 57, Amy Derby (@amyderby on Twitter), is going to be a big phat hit in the blawgosphere.

The professional advice is right on target (“If Your Butt Itches, You Should Scratch It”), and there is a picture and a simple how-to on the latest cutting-edge trial technology, the overhead projector. Keep up, people!

Plus, I have a huge crush on Gregory Luce, which I tried to keep from my husband, but which has already been documented by The Library of Congress:

I’m working on my pick-up line for Greg, “Is that a sock on your head, or are you just happily ignoring me?” (As a paralegal, I’m used to being ignored, so this is absolutely no deterrent at all, Greg, none at all!)

Add BLB to your RSS feed reader. Or else. (Oh, sorry. Moms of wallet vampires, I mean, teens glare at our offspring and say, “Or ELSE.” so often that we’re pretty much stuck on it. We rock ourselves to sleep repeating, “Or ELSEorELSEorELSE.”)

You can also follow @biglegalbrain on Twitter. I’m getting tons of great social media advice from this feed already, like “Reminder. Update your 2009 and 2010 predictions on your blog so that you sound like a genius.” I would look so freakin’ smart if I’d actually made any predictions, but I’m getting the drift from BLB that it might be okay to go back and manufacture some…

P.S. No pressure to entertain me daily, Greg, Chank and Amy, no pressure at all!

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