Many 25-year olds are focused on establishing their careers and their finances, and maybe planning their next destination vacation with friends. They’re not usually parenting pre-teen girls.

But 25-year old India Davidson, an Indiana legal assistant, not only completed the stringent vetting and training to become a foster parent, but she’s taking the next step: adopting her 12 year-old foster daughter, Danae.

Davidson, a legal assistant studying for a criminology degree, said some family members and friends questioned her decision to adopt when she was still so young herself. But when she was a child, her mother struggled with drug addiction, and her father was absent. In that void, the greatest influence in her early life was her foster grandmother. The importance of that has stuck with her. And being a foster mom — and soon an adoptive mom — seemed natural.

“I have asked Danae, ‘What do you want for Christmas?’ ” Davidson said. “She says, ‘I have what I want. I have my forever home.’ “

There are so many deserving children in foster care, waiting for their forever homes. It’s wonderful to share this story about a young legal assistant making room in her heart and her home for a child who has experienced 13 foster homes in the last four years, but now will have the stability and love she needs.

Source: Indianapolis Star

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