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Today’s Quote: Just Put My Money Back, and We’ll Forget It Ever Happened

“I want money in my bank account and my 401k back to where it used to be,” said Patricia Welcoy, a legal assistant shopping on Wednesday in Manhattan and toting a T.J. Maxx bag. (Reuters)

I’m sharing this quote, because I can totally relate to Welcoy, both on the reduced holiday spending – and being a Maxxinista. 

The Purrrrr-fect Vest

Also, in another random Google search related to this story, I stumbled upon the new T.J. Maxx blog, Maxx Finds, where fellow Maxxinistas can share what they scored at T.J.s! It’s a little like peeking into someone’s closet – or [messy] purse.

But is it just me, or does some of this stuff look less than fabo hanging by itself? Just sayin’….

(Although I did get a neat idea for what to do to The Cat the next time he urps on the stove.)

Source: Reuters 

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