“I want money in my bank account and my 401k back to where it used to be,” said Patricia Welcoy, a legal assistant shopping on Wednesday in Manhattan and toting a T.J. Maxx bag. (Reuters)

I’m sharing this quote, because I can totally relate to Welcoy, both on the reduced holiday spending – and being a Maxxinista. 

The Purrrrr-fect Vest

Also, in another random Google search related to this story, I stumbled upon the new T.J. Maxx blog, Maxx Finds, where fellow Maxxinistas can share what they scored at T.J.s! It’s a little like peeking into someone’s closet – or [messy] purse.

But is it just me, or does some of this stuff look less than fabo hanging by itself? Just sayin’….

(Although I did get a neat idea for what to do to The Cat the next time he urps on the stove.)

Source: Reuters 

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