I don’t know, but I’m hoping one of you will answer this question.

I just did a post about a frugal legal assistant and fellow Maxxinista, so to immediately stumble upon a news story about a paralegal who managed to spend $68,000 on shopping (it’s probably easier to do when it’s not your own money) seems like a cosmic circle jerk.

But News Channel 7 is reporting that Katherine Gillespie, a South Carolina paralegal [formerly] employed by a Greenville area law firm, admitted to Secret Service agents that she forged an attorney’s name on $68,000 worth of the firm’s checks and then deposited them into her own account.

At sentencing, she claimed she was a compulsive shopper and needed the money for her “addiction.”

You know you want my bag.

What does $68,000 buy? 26 months in prison, no-name prison scrubs, and full restitution.

Okay, seriously, what would you do if someone gave you $68,000 to spend and said you couldn’t pay bills or buy groceries with it?

I would buy this rockin’ Gucci bag and leave the tag on it so everyone would know it was Gucci. (Because it looks an awful lot like my $35 Vera Wang bag.) Wait, that’s only $2,200. Crap, once a Maxxinista, always a Maxxinista. You guys, help me spend it!

Source:  News Channel 7

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