I may not have gotten the number of exclamation points right, but I know it’s under 140, because this is a Kanye West tweet as sung by Josh Groban.

There’s even a little law practice management advice in this video, i.e. gotta have a table before you can have a conference. Word to your mother.

P.S. Some of Kanye’s tweets could actually be a source of career development advice for paralegals. Check out the Top 25 Kanye West Tweets from 2010, such as “I’m cool with trial and error…the trail part is cool..the error part not so much” (there’s a reminder to proofread your work here, too), or “i hate when im on a flight & I wake up with water bottle next 2 me like oh great now i gotta be responsible for this water bottle.” Welcome to my world, Kanye.

Source: dlisted

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