The highlight of my week was The Corginator ingesting a clementine in its entirety (legalese for the whole damn thing). Yup, including the rind. Good times. Not. (My hubby, who left the clementine on the floor, tried to convince me this was simply a much needed natural colon cleansing.)

Without further ado (or whining), here’s this week’s list of recommended reading for paralegals and other legal staffers. Got a suggestion for an article or post to include next week? Feel free to email it to me at

2010 in Review: A Look Back at Events that Were Good for All Paralegals (The Paralegal Mentor) ~ Michigan paralegal Vicki Voisin reviews last year’s highlights for the paralegal profession.

Possible Paralegal New Year’s Resolutions (Paralegal Pie) ~ I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but if I did I’d make Philly paralegal and recent guest on The Paralegal Voice, Kim Walker’s resolutions. Also, I do this anyway, but if you’re not, make Futurelawyer’s resolution to check email addresses before sending.

Things I have learned during Trials (A Paralegal’s Life) ~ Trials can be stimulating, exciting and/or excruciatingly tedious. Those of you who’ve ever sat through weeks of testimony from really smart and crazy-expensive – but boring – expert witnesses will relate to anonymous paralegal blogger, Grumpy Humbug.

Courtney Love Twitter Defamation Trial Will Feature ‘Testifying Social Media Expert’ (Legal Blog Watch) ~ Speaking of experts that make your jaw drop, if this is an up-and-coming specialty area, I want in. Texas paralegal Haley Odom and I had a brief discussion on Twitter regarding a fair hourly rate and retainer for said expertise, and I came up with:

Top Legal Malpractice Claim Prevention Downloads for 2010 (practicePro) ~ This 2010 CLawBies award winning blog shares its most popular articles and resources, including an E-Discovery Reading List, Top 10 Technology Tools, and Blackberry 101. There’s something on this list for everybody.

Smartphone Security Tips for Attorneys ( ~ My phone is dumb (because I don’t want anyone to actually call or text me), but if you use your smart phone for work, you must password protect it. Best advice for this marvelously convenient but easily lost mobile device: “Treat your phone like your wallet—keep it on you at all times when you are out and about.”

I am Begging You – Don’t Look Like An Idiot on the Web (Jennifer Ellis) ~ Attorney Ellis, Associate Director at the Pennsylvania Bar Institute and @JLE_JD on Twitter, has started a new blog with plenty of good practice and technology advice. (Thanks for the heads up, Law Practice Management!)

How Not to Cry at Work, Even if John Boehner Does (Harvard Business Review) ~ When I was younger, it drove me nuts that I involuntarily cried when I got very angry. (Now as I approach 50, it bothers that I am unable to cry at almost anything.)  But chances are good it will happen to all of us at some point during our careers. This article provides great advice regarding “how not to lose it in front of your colleagues.”

Texas paralegal Jennifer Taylor and blogger at Will Cook for Shoes, shares an awesome recipe for chicken and rice, Arroz con Pollo, that I can’t wait to try.

Don’t forget the new IRS mileage rate for 2011 is .51 (although that’s not keeping up with the rapidly rising price of gasoline. The closest I come to crying these days is when I fill up my gas tank). If you travel a lot for business, Jim Calloway shares an app for keeping up with your mileage, Tap2Track.

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