I’m thinking the same thing you are, “It’s a free country, and she can paint her house any color she wants to!”

Not so much in Crewkerne, Somerset, England.

Two years ago, retired legal secretary, Sheila New, spruced up her 230-old cottage by painting it a lovely shade of light blue to complement her roses.

I think it’s awesome.

She didn’t know that the Somerset District Council had to approve the paint color first. They sent her a notice ordering her to paint it a shade of yellow, cream, or gold more in keeping with the original house color. An official even went so far as to say the light blue color caused “considerable detriment” to the house.

After fighting with the council for two years, New has agreed to comply with the order and repaint her home, even though she doesn’t like any of the colors allowed.

Two years ago, when New was told to restore the facade to its original colour, she said: “It’s such a dreary town I don’t know how they can stop anybody trying to bring a bit of colour to brighten it up.”

“Common sense never comes into it with these council pen pushers. They just come along with their clipboards and tick boxes.”

I love the beautiful, peaceful grey-blue New picked. Blue is a universal, natural color, cool and calming. It’s also a complementary color to yellow and ought to look quite nice with the other homes, as well as provide a pleasing contrast. But I guess this particular village has no room for true-blue cottages. I hope New can find a shade of yellow, cream or gold she’ll come to love. Maybe the pen pushers and paint color sticklers should have to come over and help her repaint.

Source: The Telegraph

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