By 18 I was working as a legal secretary accompanying my boss to Cardiff Jail interviewing the prisoners. Good job I had shorthand, I could never have written the swearwords they used. Everything had to be written in full in a legal document and as nothing remotely rude was in the Oxford dictionary, I would blush every time I had to ask Mr Saunders how to spell @!*?@!!* ~ Ros Curtis, writing for Wales Online, muses over her work history as she contemplates looking for an employer who wants to hire an “overweight, 60-something” for very part-time “sitting-down” work.

The Oxford Dictionaries Online must have decided to be all-language inclusive since young Ros needed it. I checked a few expletives (the few I know, ahem) and they were all there. Whuck! however is still not listed.

Source: Wales Online

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