“It was a blessing in disguise. I was blessed to find another position. We’re not trying to be Orkin or Terminex; we just want to make a living.” ~ Sandy Honess, a 30-year legal assistant, lost her job, but then discovered the lucrative world of sniffing out bed bugs. (Delmarva Now)

If you follow the news, bed bugs are the new cockroach, destined to spread like locusts and outlive everyone in the event of a nuclear holocaust.

Certified Canine Scent Detection Beagle

But Delaware legal assistant, Sandy Honess, who lost her job after 30 years in the legal field, has found that being in the bed bug business is likely to turn a profit even in the most recessionary economy.

The best part is that Honess gets to take her dog, Daisey, a certified creepy bed bug cimicidae detector, to work at the business she owns with her husband, Ladybug Pest Management, Inc. The company has a very scary informative website at http://ladybugpest.blogspot.com/.

Source:  Delmarva Now

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