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It is cold as all get-out. I must have these hand warmers. It’s all Oddee’s fault.

How Not to Be an Asshat in the Classroom (The Paralegal Student) ~ I hope you’ll welcome new blogger, Lynne (I am so going to remember her name), to the blawgosphere. I already like her a lot because she used the word asshat in a professional blog post. I’m also a big fan of her paralegal instructor, Mr. Payne.

Emailing a Client at Work May Invalidate the Attorney-Client Privilege (Lawyerist) ~ Since I subscribe to the mantra, “Your Work Computer Isn’t Really Yours,” I’ve always been uncomfortable using clients’ work email addresses to communicate about their cases. Even when they want to give them to me, I try very hard not to use them except as last resort, and then not to communicate sensitive information.

Top 10 Legal Predictions for 2011 (Thoughtful Legal Management) ~ Are you ready?

Instapaper – Do One Thing – Do It Well (Futurelawyer) ~ I’m looking for a place to organize and keep all the interesting web pages I run across. Instapaper might be it. What are you using?

A Few of My Google Reader Keyboard Shortcuts (Small City Law Firm Tech) ~ I work the heck out of my reader, which allows me to keep up with hundreds of blogs in legal technology, law practice, fashion and belly laughs. But I enjoy it most using my iPad.

French Toast Awesomeness (My Kitchen, My Sanctuary) ~ This recipe has all my faves, including butter, cream cheese and Cool Whip, but I could eat breakfast for every meal.

Iowa Lawyer Admits She Failed to Tweet About iPad Purchase (Turnip News) ~ From the folks that brought you Big Legal Brain, here’s the latest legal-might-possibly-be-news that has a curious ring of truth lurking in it somewhere. (BLB is like, clairvoyant, reaching inside my head with recent posts like Headlines Are the Only Things People Read. Busted. Who are these people? My mother?)

A few clues that you might be stuck in a soul-sucking job (Passive Aggressive Notes) ~ Not that any of you are. But sighing is contagious…

Hope from Hope and the Dress Code shows off skirt/boot combos that would work in a law office. (The New Professional)

Recommended Blawg: If you work with a lot of different types of expert witnesses, check out Expert Witness Blog.

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