I admit I spent a very enjoyable ten minutes perusing the turn of the century costumes available at California legal secretary Kathy Loyd’s vintage costume shop, Lottie Ballou, http://www.lottieballou.com/. The Benicia Patch featured Loyd and her unique business in its latest “Who’s Who in Benicia”.

Lottie Ballou’s site describes the transformative services offered:

Sometimes the event just demands that you put on a new you. That’s our specialty at Lottie Ballou. Since 1990, people all over the Bay Area have come to Lottie Ballou when they wanted to transform themselves. They come in the door as, say, realtors, school teachers, secretaries, mechanics, moms and dads, and when they leave, they’re zoot suit hunks, sexy saloon girls or medieval kings and queens. At Lottie Ballou, you’ll find we’ve got a treasure trove of elaborate vintage, contemporary and handmade costumes.

Victorian Lady costume from Lottie Ballou

For those of you who live within driving distance of the San Francisco Bay Area and need a costume for an upcoming event, Lottie Ballou offers a great opportunity to release your inner Victorian lady, Renaissance princess or Marilyn Monroe.

Source:  Benicia Patch

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