Job Title: Educator      

Employer: Various – Currently teaching for Kaplan University (on-line) in a variety of courses, MTI College (Sacramento) – Family Law (on-line) and California University Pennsylvania – Estates and Trusts or Elder Law, and continuing education courses for Duke University

Years of Paralegal Experience: 19+

Education/Degrees: BA – Criminal Justice from CSU, Sacramento; Paralegal Certificate from UC Davis;  Master of Science in Legal Studies and Public Policy from California University, PA.

Specialty Areas:  Family Law, Estates Trust & Probate, Business Organizations

Career Highlights: President of the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA) and writing my first book

Future Goals You’re Working Toward: More teaching and curriculum development

Paralegal Practice Tip: There are no dumb questions.

Favorite Legal Software: Support calculation software such as Dissomaster and X-Spouse.

Do you use social media resources, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or blogs, for career and/or case development? Occasionally

Fun Fact: I like to Scuba Dive

Favorite Book or Movie: Top Gun (Movie) and most legal thrillers

Cat or Dog Person: Mostly dog although cats are okay

Recipe Your Family Begs You to Cook: Chicken Enchiladas

One Gadget You Can’t Live Without: There are two. I am a farm girl at heart so duct tape and bailing wire.

Paralegal/Legal Association Memberships:  Sacramento Valley Paralegal Association (SVPA), California Alliance of Paralegal Associations (CAPA), National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA), Research Triangle Paralegal Association (RTPA), American Association for Paralegal Education (AAfPE)

Professional Link:

Dianna and I share a publisher, Carolina Academic Press, along with Robert Mongue, blogger at The Empowered Paralegal. Dianna’s CAP publications include Legal Research Scavenger Hunt Workbook: North Central Region (2010); Legal Research Scavenger Hunt Workbook: South Central Region (2009); The California Family Law Paralegal, Second Edition (2008); and The California Probate Paralegal (2007). For other paralegal titles available through CAP, click here.

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