Or, How in the Sam Hill Can You Spend $4,000 on Trapshooting?

I have to admit I’m having a little trouble processing the Lincoln Journal Star’s article about an ex-prosecutor, Blake Edwards, and his legal assistant wife, Shirley Edwards. The Nebraska State Patrol has charged them with multiple counts of felony theft during the time they worked for the Keith County Attorney’s office.

They allegedly diverted about $18,000 from the pre-trial diversion program account. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

I have no criminal background whatsoever, but I think a pre-trial diversion account is supposed to be used to help first-time offenders keep felony convictions off their permanent records.

Clay pigeons in no way resemble a bird.

I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to be used for a trapshooting team.

Now I’m truly stumped. What is trapshooting? It sounds mean.

Oh, I just looked it up, and it’s not so mean, now that they use clay pigeons instead of real ones.

According to the Lincoln Journal Star, Blake Edwards has denied the allegations, but the folder he says contains the receipts for his legitimate out-of-pocket office expenses is missing.

I’ll be following this news story with great interest. Maybe trapshooting is a newfangled rehabilitation program for first-time offenders.

Source:  Lincoln Journal Star

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