The dog is especially cuddly ergonomic.

If I could give Nebraska paralegal Christina Koch a standing ovation for her recent post at Paralegal Gateway, “iPad as a Legal Tool,” I would. (Well, I just did. But it was kinda wasted on the pillow pet I’m sitting on to make my home office work station more ergonomic. No, no, I couldn’t possibly teach ergonomics at your next CLE, but you are too kind to ask.)

Thanks to Christi, I downloaded the following free (or almost free) legal apps:

(As for managing your growing number of apps, I am of the OCD School of Thought. All my legal apps are on their own screen, alphabetized.)

I also added the following “less free” legal apps to my iPad wish list:

Are you a paralegal using an iPad for business – or saving to get one? I’d love to hear how you use yours.

Source: Paralegal Gateway

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