I get the impression that a lot of people stereotype paralegals as being kinda boring, more like seasonal tax preparers for H&R Block, or Pam from The Office – and less like Merilee Gerth, widely reported in those gossipy media outlets that we all love to make fun of while we avidly peruse the latest celebrity dirt, as being an ex-mistress (okay, number five, but who’s counting) of that play-uh and Sandra Bullock ex-husband Jesse James.

So I’m beside myself with excitement to share with you the following from The Orange County Register:

Merilee Gerth, 44, of Long Beach leads a fairly normal life, especially for someone labeled as the “ex-mistress” of a celebrity.

She’s a paralegal and a tax preparer, which means it’s a busy time of year for her.

But she made time to go to the Newport Beach medical office of plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Niccole for Mistresses Makeover day on Jan. 12. That event was organized by DD Entertainment, the talent agency that specializes in clients who have had a brush with notoriety.

Gerth is one of its less notorious clients, and she uses her business experience to help its other clients negotiate contracts and establish limited liability corporations for themselves. In the past, her jobs have been at Merrill Lynch, American Funds, Pimco in Newport Beach, and at West Coast Choppers in Long Beach, where she worked for Jesse James, the former husband of actress Sandra Bullock.

Hah! A paralegal made Mistresses Makeover day. And there’s photographic evidence with a needle in it.

Take that, Above the Law.

Source: The Orange County Register

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