The latest edition of The Paralegal Voice, “Management Careers for Paralegals: Spotlighting IPMA,” co-hosted by Vicki Voisin and me, is now available at Legal Talk Network.

In this episode, we welcome Karen Tuschak, President of the International Paralegal Management Association, Stacie McLean, IPMA President-Elect, and Sylvia Naim, IPMA Secretary-Treasurer, to take an in-depth look at IPMA, and discuss IPMA’s mission, the job market for paralegals, what they look for when hiring, and key traits needed to make a successful paralegal.

Also, in this episode, we discuss:

  • How Karen, Stacie and Sylvia became paralegal managers
  • The history of IPMA
  • The hardest part of a paralegal manager’s job
  • Opportunities for paralegal managers
  • Advanced degrees for paralegals interested in management careers
  • The importance of first impressions online
Internet resources and additional information:
The Paralegal Voice also thanks its sponsors: NALA…The Association of Paralegals and Legal Assistants, and Sun Trust.
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The day we recorded this particular podcast was one of those Mondays when everything went wrong. If I sound stopped up and like I’m gasping like a fish, I am. I was still recovering from The Crud, and the professional mics Vicki and I use pick up every single sound, including my dog snoring by my feet, papers being rustled, the toilet gurgling in the next room, and my ceiling fan on low. We’re really short-staffed at work right now, so I rushed home to record the show, and then rushed back to the office, seriously panting and over-stimulated by coffee and daytime cold medicine the whole time.  I’m not a big talker (I’m as surprised as anybody to find myself podcasting :), and really missed sharing the mic time with Vicki. Hopefully, next month, we’ll all be relaxed, healthy, and ready to let our paralegal voices be heard together!

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