“The thing is, I’m a smart girl, and I’m a legal secretary. I’ve gone to college and studied law. I’m very business savvy and I’m not just a girl that looks pretty in front of a camera; I work hard at what I do.” ~ Idaho native Nicole Craner, currently a ring card girl for Shark Fights, a promotor of mixed martial arts fighting competitions, explains why she’s not a stereotypical beautiful bad girl.

Actually, Craner’s MySpace profile says her current occupation is “EYE CANDY!!!!!!!!!!” (I apologize if I didn’t get the number of exclamation marks exactly right), and that she more or less studied law, working toward an associate degree in paralegal studies for two years, without graduating. (To all my male readers who enjoy fully-clothed eye candy, and who feel left out, antsy, or like you’re shopping at the mall with your S.O. when I post about career dressing for female professionals, this one’s for you.)

Featuring a self-professed legal professional who posts a [sexy] Shot of the Day is a first for Practical Paralegalism. You can keep up with Craner on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Nicolecraner.

Source:  Bleacher Report

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