This team doesn’t sell Hurl Scout cookies.

“Screw you and your grandmother’s Chevy Celebrity!” ~ Bliss Cavender, Whip It (2009)

I’m fascinated by roller derby, and watch Whip It repeatedly. I also love to roller skate. The closest I’ve gotten to real roller derby is being knocked over by second graders during school-sponsored family skate nights.

But Montana paralegal, Lisa Pooler, known as Scarley Davidson when she skates in the Flathead Valley Roller Derby League, has been releasing her inner roller derby diva since 2009.

Pooler told the Daily Inter Lake that all body types and skill levels are welcome – but there is no guarantee participants, including newcomers or “fresh meat,” won’t get hurt:

One thing anyone considering participation should know, she said, is the potential for injury. A new skater recently broke her leg, while another has sustained a fractured wrist. 

“This is a full contact, aggressive sport,” she said. “Injuries happen..Broken bones are fairly rare, but they do happen.”

I’m jealous. I bet Pooler works out all of her job-related stressors on the rink. All I have is the soda can crusher in our firm’s kitchen.

Source:  Daily Inter

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